Weight Loss Benefits of Weight Training

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Is weight training worth it?
Can’t I just jog on the treadmill?
Is this what you are thinking?

The answer is no. Its time you should discover the benefits of weight training, which is one of the most effective methods of losing weight. Majority of those who have been successful at weight loss do weight training. It is beneficiary in not just one but lot of ways. It enhances your entire weight loss program and increases your stamina level to pursue the regime on a regular basis without tiring out. Following are some of the benefits of weight training. Read on to get convinced.

Weight training helps you to tone down your muscles. It elevates you basal metabolic rate (BMR) and you burn calories 24 hours a day. Even when you are sleeping, you burn calories. Weight training can counter the natural decline of rate of metabolism which occurs after 30 years of age. It energizes your body and increases your stamina. It has a positive effect on almost all the 650 odd muscles of your body and increases muscular endurance. It not only works on the muscles but also on the bones and strengthens your bones thus reducing the risk of facing osteoporosis. It is a misconception that weight training develops big muscles on women the truth is that it only helps in the toning of muscles and makes you stronger and sturdy. You will be less prone to low back injuries. You will also be able to keep a check on your blood pressure besides decreasing the risk on diabetes onset in adults. Also the gastrointestinal transit time is reduced, and hence reduces the risk of colon cancer. Weight training increases the HDL cholesterol level (the good type) in your blood. Weight training also has a positive effect on your posture, functioning of the immune system, and working of the heart. This is done by reducing the resting rate of heart. Your balance and coordination becomes stronger. Weight training makes you fresh and enthusiastic.

These are some of the positive effects that can be achieved by doing weight training. With a good guidance you can end up use this technique to its best in order to gain the maximum out of it. Initially it might seem a little tough for people who are not used to lifting weights. But once you are used to it, you will definitely benefit. Start with small weights and move on to the bigger ones. Setting targets will also be beneficial for you. Take the guidance of experienced trainers or professionals. These professionals will guide you in the right direction and will be able to tell you what type of exercises are good for you and which ones you should avoid. You must keep in mind that not all types of exercises are meant for everyone and thus you must choose wisely when it comes to weight training. Half an hour of weight training a day will make a lot of changes to your weight loss regime and you will see a dramatic change.

The rise in obesity among the youth and aged alike has given rise to the need for a healthy and scientific program that can be used as an effective weight loss method to those in need of serious relief. Based on such a search, hypnosis has emerged as a one of the feasible alternatives to effective weight loss in an effortless, safe and scientific way.

A search on the Internet would give you a wide range of news as well as views on how hypnosis affects the body weight. You would do good not to follow all such information blindly, since this would only leave you frustrated without any real knowledge of how the system works.

Over the years medical science has indeed established the link between hypnosis and weight loss, this can be testified from the results that are writ large on some of the patients who have used this method as a facilitator to actually loose weight and woken up to brief us of the details.

Before jumping to conclusions about whether the system works for you or not, one needs to understand the basis of this treatment. It has been variously suggested that hypnosis actually helps obese people in adapting to better and healthier eating habits while more importantly retaining them. Several experts suggest that it has been observed that patients undergoing hypnosis have actually acquired better concentration, mental relaxation and suggestibility. This in turn has led to better and improved lifestyles which help the patient achieve proper balanced weight according to their physique. The method of hypnosis resulting in weight loss avidly vary from simple relaxation techniques to more formal inductions that are administered by hypnotists at later levels.

Most hypnotists will tell you, or actually should be informing their patients that, this is a medical wellness program not to be associated with any supernatural factors. The fear of the unknown combined with a lack of adequate knowledge of the subject can result in failures in hypnosis. This is primarily because the patient fails to relax and is too aware of the fact and also curious about the actual methodology.

There are of course diverse opinions regarding the techniques or methodology followed by hypnotists to aid the process of weight loss. Before starting on any such program the patient needs to understand that hypnosis is a facilitator for weight loss it cannot by itself actually make a person loose weight. People should also be cautious of falling into the trap of corrupt practitioners or firms which advocate high sounding benefits of the system.

A more realistic view of the matter might be had in the opinion that hypnosis as a medium for weight loss lacks in methodological problems. An experiment conducted by Andersen in 1985 however reported that after conducting an 8 weekly treatment session and 12 weeks of self-hypnosis, the participants concerned had lost weight averaging 20.2 pounds. Though this remains an exemplary case study precious little has actually been derived from it because of a very small number of subjects who could not be termed as a substantial amount of people survey.

We might then conclude that while hypnosis may as of now still seem to be more of behavioral weight management program, the final onus lies on how a patient handles this treatment and responds to it.

Essential oil burners, aromatherapy diffusers, vaporizers, and more… They are all a great way to purify and revitalize the atmosphere of your home with superb healing aromas. But which aromatherapy model is right for you?

Vaporizers come in all sort of colors and designs. Using a vaporizer is a very simple way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Vaporizers are widely available.

Another great device is an oil burner. Some essential oil burner works with a tea-light candle. Essential oils are flammable, so use extreme caution around flames and heat sources. If you use a burner to diffuse the oil, put water in the burner first. The essential oil will enter the air as the water evaporates. Also, you need to keep an eye when the essential oil is burned out.

Finally, the electric aromatherapy diffusers, which permeate a fine mist of your favorite essential oils through the air. Recently, the ultrasound aromatherapy diffuser is the most popular model, since there is not risk in burning. It will even switch off automatically when the water level gets below a certain height. Extremely safe and easy to use.

Before you buy an aromatherapy diffuser, follow these essential oils tips first:

1. Essential oils are flammable, so use extreme caution around flames and heat sources. If you use a burner to diffuse the oil, put water in the burner first. The safest and most user-friendly diffuser is the electrical aromatherapy diffuser from Chi Activate. No flame at all, just put the oil and water in the diffuser and the ultrasonic waves will break up the essential oils.

2. Do not drink essential oils. Essential oils are for external use only. Some essential oils can be very toxic if swallowed.

3. Do not apply essential oils directly without diluting them. Only lavender and tea tree oil are exceptions to this rule.

4. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children.

5 If you want to use essential oils during pregnancy, on babies, or with young children, please seek the advice of a trained, qualified aromatherapist first.

Which Essential Oil Should I use?

Always use only 100% pure essential oils, since synthetic oils do not have the healing properties of pure essential oils. There are many different blends to choose from to put in your aroma diffuser. You may need a relaxing blend when you come back home after a long day of work.

If you are studying, an energy blend will help you concentrate more. You may even wish to create a special 'festive' blend if you are having a dinner party or celebrating your birthday. Or create a romantic atmosphere for your lover. Experimenting with your favorite essential oils can be fun as well as rewarding.

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Facial Skin Care Easy Tips

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Facial Skin Care Easy Tips

It is quite acceptable fact that human skin is the toughest and at the same time, most sensitive part of our body. This is because skin could respond very well to any substance that comes directly in contact with it, and also respond very quickly to weather extremes. However, the most sensitive part of the body that requires extra care and timely treatment is facial skin.

It is very important both for man and woman to take complete care of facial skin otherwise getting exposed to pollution, UV rays, dust make the facial skin dull, dry and full of wrinkles. If the proper care is not given on time it can lead to premature ageing. People who do not take care of their facial skin suffer from the problem of blemishes, carracks and acnes to name a few major ones. So, it is very necessary to understand your skin type and take proper care of it so that you can enjoy your smooth and revitalizing skin. Though cleaning the face everyday, applying right type of skin moisturizer forms the basic of facial skin care but also it demands more so as to keep the skin fresh and clear for long. For healthy skin, it is very necessary to intake essential nutrients and vitamins that help in building body tissues.However, the three common skin types are normal, oily and dry skin and for best facial skin care, the use of unique method is required according to the skin type. Here are certain tips following which can result in effective facial skin care for each kind of skin type.

1) Accumulation of oil on facial skin blocks the pores and lead to various skin problems. So, if you have oily skin, wash your face many times daily and wipe it with clean towel. This will help you wipe off all the excess oil from the facial skin. Also, making use of astringent and oil-free moisturizer counts under the best facial skin care for oily skin.

2) Though you have normal skin and it looks fresh but most of the pores of facial skin are blocked. The best facial care for such kind of skin is the application of gentle face wash and soft messaging. Also the use of toner is the best facial skin care.

3) The dry skin is mainly prone to crack and tightening of skin, so it needs special facial care as compared to normal skin. To treat the problem of dry facial skin, use of thick moisturizer serve the purpose to the best.

4) Using natural methods and applications is one the best and effective means of facial skin care. This is because, as compared to chemical based skin care products, natural products are free from side effects. There are so many natural based products available in the market that are made out of natural ingredients like herbs, flowers and fruits extracts, olive oil, rose water and turmeric. Making use of proactive skin care treatment also helps to keep facial area healthy.

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8 Super Food Secrets for Healthy Skin

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Want smooth, supple, wrinkle-free beautiful skin?

Scientific skin care, lotions and potions...they're all great, but have you ever heard the phrase "beauty comes from within"? Eat super foods for healthy skin and you'll look younger and feel better.

Incorporating these eight super food secrets into your diet will help erase lines, keep your complexion glowing and give you beautiful skin.

1. Egg Whites for protein to produce collagen. Egg whites have long been known as an immunity booster. Recent studies show that egg whites are a great source of zinc, an essential mineral that keeps the skin young, firm and vital. If you're zinc deficient, all the skin care applications in the world won't cover basic healthy, youthful skin.

2. Pomegranate to soften your skin. A glass of natural, pure pomegranate juice is great, but try to have at least a cup of pomegranate seeds - not just the juice. This fruit is packed with Vitamin C. The juice in pomegranate seeds contains both ellagic acid and punic alagin. The first is a compound that fights damage from free radicals. The second is a super nutrient that increases your body's ability to preserve collagen, the connective tissue that makes your skin look younger, smoother and soft.

3. Olive Oil for a healthy glow. Have at least one tablespoon a day. Olive Oil has "good fat." It contains heart healthy omega-3's, which improve your circulation, leaving skin rosy and supple.

4. Watermelon for a dewy complexion. Eat as much as you like of this healthy, sweet fruit. Watermelon contains lots of Vitamin C, Potassium and Lycopene. These ultimate antioxidants help to regulate the balance of water and nutrients in cells. Hydration is the secret to vibrant, healthy, youthful looking skin and super food secrets for healthy skin is the key.

5. Blueberries to smooth fine lines. Blueberries are truly a super food. They contain more fiber and antioxidants than any other food. Enjoy eating at least one half cup of berries and give your skin the benefit of protection from skin damaging free radicals that come from over-exercising, emotional stress and too much sun exposure. Blueberries prevent cell-structure damage that can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.

6. Green Tea to diminish brown spots. Drink at least one to two cups per day. Not only is this healthy brew great for your diet and boosting your metabolism, it contains "catechins," an effective compound for preventing premature aging and effects of sun damage. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight off free radical damage and may reverse the effects of aging.

7. Cold-Water Fish to reduce redness. Eat six, 6 oz. portions of Salmon, Sardines or Mackerel per week. Cold-Water Fish naturally contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which strengthen skin-cell membranes, which helps to hydrate the skin. Adding supplements to your diet will also help with inflammation such as Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis.

8. Spinach & Kale for skin firming. Eat your green veggies daily! These two Super Foods contain vital Phytonutrients also referred to as antioxidant compounds that help guard against damage from the sun. Try to have at least three cups per week of spinach or kale. These two leafy greens are loaded with beta-carotene and lutein. These two important nutrients are noted to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Also, adding Spirulina supplements to your diet is a great way to get in your nutrients if you aren't eating enough of your green, leafy vegetables.

In summary, beautiful skin starts on the inside. First and foremost, drink water, drink water, drink water, green tea, or even black tea, in place of coffee. Then, try these super food secrets for healthy skin. They are sure to help you look and feel your best!

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